Fellows of the Institute: College of Arts

Catherine Redpath






Catherine Redpath is a Senior Lecturer for The School of English and Journalism, College of Arts.

“I have recently completed an Action Research project on the use of Facebook in creating Learning Communities. This 15,000 word project formed the basis of my final submission for a PGC in Higher Education Teaching and Learning. The research was a useful contribution to the area because (in the UK at least) it is extremely rare for Arts subjects to employ social media in a pedagogical context.

As programme leader of the new degree in English & Creative Writing, I also intend to use the ‘Get Set’ survey (completed by incoming 1st year students), to track the transitions in student experience over their first year with us. It is hoped that this initial study will extend to a 3 year project in which the students experience of their own development in terms of transferable skills, will be thoroughly examined.”

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Crystal Walker






Crystal Walker is a Senior Lecturer for The School of History and Heritage and The School of Film and Media, College of Arts.

“I have a keen interest in evaluating and assessing the ever changing landscape of ‘Pharmacy Education’ and in a broader term ‘Health Education’. I see the future of healthcare through the wide angled lenses of values-based education & interprofessional learning.”

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Dr Jamie Wood






Dr Jamie Wood is a Principal Lecturer (Teaching) for The School of History and Heritage, College of Arts.

“I have conducted research at Lincoln and with colleagues elsewhere, in History and a range of other Humanities and Social Science disciplines, into how active and inquiry-based pedagogies can support deeper student learning and encourage engagement. My work has focused on three areas: e-learning, collaborative learning and, increasingly nowadays, playful learning (e.g. the use of games of LEGO in learning). I am particularly interested in perceptions of the role of questions in staff teaching and student learning and how our students might be encouraged to adopt more questioning postures in relation to their learning.”

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John Stocker






John Stocker is a Senior Lecturer for The School of Architecture, College of Arts.

“I’m interested in design education and pedagogy: especially what constitutes a horizontal ‘studio culture’ within a university system that still prioritises the lecture/seminar model of teaching and learning.”

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Kirsty Russell






Kirsty Russell is a Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader for The School of Fine and Performing Arts, College of Arts.

“My research encourages and supports interdisciplinary working and cross collaborations between disciplines across the School of Fine and Performing Arts. The research resists the sometimes insular working nature of the different departments and instead allows the skills and knowledge from each course to transfer, culminating in a rich experience for all students. My research projects tend to be student-centred and are designed to enhance student learning and development. They aim to inspire and motivate students to understand their practice in different forms, this interdisciplinary way of working will also prepare the student for multiple projects as graduates. The findings from my research can also be used to assess the effectiveness of student group working where teaching and learning is predicated upon collaborative collective outcomes.”

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Dr Robert Dean






Dr Robert Dean is a Principal Lecturer (Teaching) / Programme Leader for The School of Fine and Performing Arts, College of Arts.

“There are three key areas that my research encompasses:

  • Digital solutions to assessment feedback.
  • Approaches to collaboration.
  • Connecting academic research with module delivery.

Through my work in these areas I hope to identify adapt and develop innovative procedures that will improve the overall teaching and learning experience for students as well as lecturers.”

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Trevor Elvin






Trevor Elvin is a Senior Lecturer for The School of Architecture and Design, College of Arts.

“The project expands my interest in a practice based teaching approach to design studio allowing for the framing and reflection of teaching and learning within an external context. Working with residents groups and promoting community engagement the project works towards designing, making and installing a range of small scale interventions / furniture / pop up spaces within the regeneration of the Sincil Bank area of Lincoln.

The work will encourage students to translate, through making, their academic experiments, processes and outcomes. It will promote embedded employability and practice based teaching within the student experience with Immersive learning, removing students from their academic environment to engage in a real world context, with real clients, deadlines and outcomes.

It will also to provide the context for the setting up a joint university community think tank / design studio (staffed by academics and students) space in Sincil Bank which will further develop and test this approach to teaching and learning.

The entire process will be documented by students throughout the project allowing for a greater understanding of their work, enhancing reflective learning, peer to peer reviews and feedback (including community). This will include a collaboration with masters graphic design students in the publication of a book.”

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