The Role of Universities in Regional Innovation (RUNIN) – A Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network

David Charles

Professor David Charles from Lincoln International Business School is a partner in a Marie Curie network focused on how universities support regional innovation. The aim of the project is to train researchers on how universities fulfil their third mission in relation to regional industry and explore the range of university engagement with regional firms and institutions.

The project focuses on four main themes:

  • People and Networks
  • Policies and Interventions
  • Places and Territories
  • Practices and Governance

The work at Lincoln includes two projects, each delivered by an early stage researcher. Maria Salomaa is examining how universities are involved with regional institutional partners in the development and implementation of regional innovation strategies, such as the implementation of European Regional Development Fund programmes. Rhoda Ahoba-Sam is developing a project on the nature and geography of academics’ personal networks and connections with business across different universities.

The network program runs for a 4-year period from September 2016.