Seminar 12th October 2017 – Prof. Mary Stuart & Dr. Rachel Spacey

We are delighted with the success of our first event in the LHERI lunchtime seminar series.

Please see a recording of the event below:

In spite of the focus on ‘the student experience’, exemplified by the range of student satisfaction data and evaluative information used by HEIs (Kovacs et al., 2010), regular reports and conferences nationally and internationally, the idea of ‘the student experience’ remains largely unconceptualised and under-theorised in the academic literature (Benckendorff et al., 2009). Our research uses concepts and tools drawn from cultural geography to examine how space at University affects how students, themselves, understand the experience of being a student. Thinking of campus space “as an ongoing developmental process that is understood, made and re-made by those engaged with it” (Lefever, 2012, p.127) we explore the relationship between the daily lives of students, their sense of self and their understanding of the student experience. We will present the results of our research conducted over an eighteen month period at seven universities across England drawing on focus group material and the utilization of maps to develop discussions about how the University affected each student’s experience.

Mary Stuart seminar poster