IMPact (The University of Lincoln journal of Higher Education Research) is an academic, peer-reviewed, on-line, open-access journal, established in 2017, as the University of Lincoln’s learned journal on higher education research.

The focus of the journal is higher education and the contexts within which it takes place. Contributions that seek to enhance understanding of any aspect of higher education are welcomed. These may include learning and teaching; student experience; student outcomes; local, national and international policy; the values which underpin higher education, including social justice and equality; and the contribution of higher education to society and the economy. Occasional special issues will be published to address contemporary questions in higher education.

IMPact invites researchers and educators to publish their work in the form of research papers; reflective, critical, think pieces; or other digital media formats. The journal is committed to representing many perspectives, promoting a research environment and encouraging wide participation and collaboration. Furthermore, the journal is open to studies that draw on a wide range of methods. Contributions may be empirical, theoretical, conceptual or practice based and may include literature reviews, papers focusing on methodological issues, research and practice, visual materials, case studies, discussions of conceptual issues, accounts of research in progress, book reviews or scholarly papers that further our understanding of higher education. With a focus on higher education research, the journal is multi-disciplinary, valuing insights on higher education emerging from work in different disciplinary areas. Contributions may introduce new theoretical perspectives, or identify new agendas for higher education research.

It is the intention that IMPact will inform, challenge and influence and as such, will be of interest to a wide readership within and beyond the University of Lincoln.

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As an online journal we will accept rolling submissions throughout the year. If you are considering submitting, please review the IMPact Author Guidelines
Full submissions, with accompanying abstracts should be sent to: – alternatively, If you have any queries or would like to discuss any aspect of the journal in more detail, please email or phone Ali Brumhead on 01522 83 7740

Please view the IMPact Flow Chart for details of the peer review process.


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