IMPact Launch and LHERI Lunchtime Research Seminar

On the 18th April 2018 we officially launched IMPact: The University of Lincoln Journal of Higher Education Research with two overlapping events.

Drop in event
Colleagues were invited to join us to discuss the journal, pick up a copy of the First Edition Launch Brochure and to view posters of our First Edition Papers

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Editor Katie Strudwick presented an overview of the journal before handing over to Dan Bishop who facilitated our last lunchtime research seminar of the year.

More than Just Listening: The role of student voice in Higher Education
“The term ‘student voice’ is a heavily utilised term in higher education, yet what it means or how it is used can often be misconstrued. Over the past decade in the UK higher education sector there has been an increasing emphasis and amplification of student voice, raising questions around its purpose and use. Drawing upon research and experience as an academic at the university the session will consider the role student voice can have in a higher education sector that is heavily dominated by marketised and consumerist discourses and perspectives and will explore whether it is possible to work with students-as-partners in the current climate”

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Please find slides and video of this seminar below
Dan Bishop Slides 18418

If you would like a copy of the launch brochure please email or visit to read all of our published papers and to learn more about submitting.