Trevor Elvin

Trevor Elvin

Trevor Elvin is a Senior Lecturer for The School of Architecture and Design, College of Arts

“The project expands my interest in a practice based teaching approach to design studio allowing for the framing and reflection of teaching and learning within an external context. Working with residents groups and promoting community engagement the project works towards designing, making and installing a range of small scale interventions / furniture / pop up spaces within the regeneration of the Sincil Bank area of Lincoln.

The work will encourage students to translate, through making, their academic experiments, processes and outcomes. It will promote embedded employability and practice based teaching within the student experience with Immersive learning, removing students from their academic environment to engage in a real world context, with real clients, deadlines and outcomes.

It will also to provide the context for the setting up a joint university community think tank / design studio (staffed by academics and students) space in Sincil Bank which will further develop and test this approach to teaching and learning.

The entire process will be documented by students throughout the project allowing for a greater understanding of their work, enhancing reflective learning, peer to peer reviews and feedback (including community). This will include a collaboration with masters graphic design students in the publication of a book.”

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