Stephen Lynch is an Associate Lecturer for The School of Sport and Exercise, College of Social Science

“My research interests are predominantly focused on developing student-practitioner engagement in coach education. Specifically, this includes applying contemporary coaching and teaching approaches, reflecting on performance in greater depth and identifying areas of self-improvement using pedagogical models and innovative (vocationally-relevant) techniques.

I am currently undertaking a project which incorporates GoPro technology for first-person video assisted teaching and coaching instruction, for more immersive feedback, assessment and student-led reflection. Users will be responsible for capturing, observing and critiquing real-time simulated and real-world footage in collaboration with peer groups and staff. This will encourage more incisive, self-penetrative appraisals summarised from environmental cues and good practice that link directly to current pedagogic issues. This will assist with more readily establishing context in a variety of situations – which will not only benefit practical application but develop interpersonal interactions and alternative coping strategies.

I envisage the outcomes of the project will be of interest to a number of stakeholders within the higher education sector, specifically those that regularly engage in teaching/coaching (in all disciplines), patient consultations, medical simulations and/or customer service.”

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