Lynn Pickerell is a Teaching Assistant The School of Psychology, College of Social Science currently completing a Phd. Lynn is an Associate Fellow of The Lincoln Higher Education Research Institute

“The focus of my research is to identify the psychological, social and physical resources that children and young adults use to deal with the education environment and the challenges within it. I hope to acquire funding to explore undergraduate engagement with student support services at the University of Lincoln. My proposed research is a comparative study (comparing different disciplines) of the relationship between motivation, resilience and the engagement with student support services, in improving academic success. The findings from this study will enable universities to target support services more precisely, which will improve the provision for students and may also lead to cost savings. It will also inform possible interventions to encourage students to engage with the support that is available, and whether this is necessary to achieve higher grades. This could lead to further research that will assess such interventions. The results could also be used to help students construct their own programmes of support. This will increase their life-skills and enable a more proactive approach to challenges they face.”

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