Dr Sarah Amsler is a Reader for The School of Education, College of Social Science

“My research sits at the intersections of sociology, critical theory and educational studies. It has a double aim: first, to understand the organisational forms, social practices, epistemological formations and affective regimes that diminish liberatory living, learning and knowledge production; and second, to inform the creation of frameworks and spaces within which such learning can take place. I have a special interest in understanding the processes by which mechanisms of ‘ABC’ – authoritarian, bureaucratic and capitalist – power influence the nature and purpose of higher education institutions in neoliberal contexts, in understanding the nature and efficacy of the new forms of resistance which are being developed to challenge this power, and in exploring the diverse landscape of alternative higher education projects around the world which challenge the hegemony of this global trend and demonstrate alternatives. My research has addressed neoliberal education reform in comparative international perspective; the politics of ‘university ranking’; the gendered and racial politics of metricised performance management (including of the ‘Research Excellence Framework’); the formation of critical academic subjectivities; creative resistances to university corporatisation; the development of critical, affective and utopian pedagogies that respond to these power forms; and alternative forms of ecological higher education.”

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