Dr Beatrix Fahnert

Dr Beatrix Fahnert is Deputy Head of The School of Life Sciences, College of Science

“I am committed to sharing my passion for science, to providing the best education and making it accessible, and to supporting other educators/the community of practice in our shared efforts (e.g. via activities in the HEA, various Learned Societies and for journals, as well as disseminating my research findings).
My research interests therefore include:
• Lifelong learning – From Personal Development Planning (subject, transferable and career skills) to Continuous Professional Development (including PRLT, recognition and accreditation)
• Undergraduate and Postgraduate Employability
• Individual and Institutional Learning and Change in HE/ Academic culture
• Internationalisation
• Learning and Teaching in the Biosciences

Scientific engagement of the public (particularly public awareness of infectious diseases prevention and appropriate treatment) is another area of interest.”

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