Tutoring the Tutors: Development for Personal Tutors

Are you a personal tutor who would value development sessions on carrying out the role?

This programme has come from the OFS funded ‘Intervention for Success’ project and is for both new and experienced personal tutors. It aims to provide:

• support in carrying out your personal tutor role
• a supportive forum for discussion of issues relevant to your personal tutor role
• some professional development related to personal tutoring

The sessions will be interactive and participatory with learning activities and content. They will be facilitated by Ben Walker and Alison Wilkinson (Senior Lecturers – Intervention for Success Project) as well as some external contributors.

The programme is envisaged as a connected series of events, but feel free to dip in and out as time permits. If possible, it would be beneficial for each school to be represented in all sessions.

The details of each session is linked below and can be booked in the normal way through HR Staff Development. Please select ‘Tutoring the Tutors – Part * of 6’ from the drop down menu selecting the number of the session you want to come to.

 Session  Date Time  Location Lead facilitator(s) Title
 1  10.01.18 9.30-10.30 MB2601 Ben Walker & Alison Wilkinson What is personal tutoring and why is it important?
 2  07.02.18  11.00-12.00 MB3203 Ben Walker & Alison Wilkinson What about setting boundaries with students?
 3  07.03.18  14.00-15.00  MB3203 Jacqueline Mayer and Ben Walker What about supporting students in distress (and looking after myself)?
 4  04.04.18  11.00-12.00  MB3203 Ben  Walker What does an effective one to one tutorial look like
 5  09.05.18  14.00-15.00  MB3203 Steve Outram – Director for Centre for Recording Achievement How do I re-engage disengaged students
 6  06.06.18  9.30-10.30  MB3203 Cheryl Reynolds – University of Huddersfield How well do you know your students?