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What does it mean to ‘widen participation’ at postgraduate level? Professor Paul Wakeling, University of York

This free event taking place at The University of Lincoln on 2nd February 2018 12.30-2pm facilitated by Professor Paul Wakeling is open to members of staff and students. The seminar will be held in LM0102, David Chiddick Building, Brayford Pool Campus. Please use Eventbrite to sign up.

The widening participation agenda is deeply embedded in UK higher education, at least at undergraduate level. There is has been sustained and substantial policy attention, expenditure and practical action aimed at enabling access to higher education for previously underrepresented groups. There is thus a well-developed understanding of which groups are underrepresented, how that might be measured and, to some extent, what can be done about it. By way of contrast, access to postgraduate study has been relatively neglected. While there is a developing body of research on which groups are underrepresented, there has been far less consideration of how to conceive of widening participation and fair access when it comes to postgraduate level. Does it make sense to consider anyone who is a graduate as ‘disadvantaged’? And at what point should background information such as home postcode or parental social class be disregarded? In this talk I will consider these issues with reference to empirical research findings and propose a way forward for widening postgraduate participation.’

This is a free event open to members of staff and students of The University of Lincoln, please use Eventbrite to sign up.

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